How can I assist my Appraiser?


It's to your advantage to help the Appraiser perform the assessment by providing additional information:

- What is the purpose for the appraisal?

- Is the property listed for sale, and if so, for what price and with whom? (Be aware, if you are refinancing your home, it cannot have been listed for sale in the last 3 - 6 months - time period varies by lender.)

- Is there a mortgage? And if so, with whom, when placed, for how much and what type (FHA, VA, etc.), at what interest rate, or other type of financing?

- Is any personal property or appliance included in the sale?

- With an income-producing property, what is the income breakdown and expenses for the last year or two? A copy of the lease may be required.

- Provide a copy of the deed, survey, purchase agreement, or additional property papers.

- Provide a copy of the current real estate tax bill, statement of special assessments, or balance owed on anything, i.e. sewer, water, etc.

- Provide a copy of monthly Homeowners Dues, if any, or additional Homeowner Association assessments.