Should I choose the lender with the lowest interest rate and costs?

There are two important things to consider when choosing one lender over another one:

Quality of Service – This is especially important for first-time homebuyers who will have many questions about the total financing process and available loan options. Finding a lender with outstanding service skills that you trust will comfortably guide you every step of the way, so ask questions, even before you fill-out an application.

Cost of Services – Ask potential lenders upfront what they charge for their services and to provide a list of all fees involved.  They should provide you with a GFE (Good Faith Estimate).  This will identify all costs that you will be charged and the closing cost factor cannot vary by more than 10% at closing.   By carefully comparing GFE's you can determine which lender offers the lowest cost loan.

Of course, interest rate is a significant component in the selection process.  All other things being equal, choose the lender with the lowest rate.  Check out our unbeatable rates!